House of Prayer and Celebration

Mid-Willamette Valley Prayer Group (HOPC)

September 17, 2010 2:44 PM
by Ivy

Saturday AM Focus: Monteith Park Celebration, in Albany

September 17, 2010 2:44 PM by Ivy

We praise you for the heart of our Latino brethren!
For your word says, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." Thank you for giving our brethren vision to share the gospel at the park today. Let all who come, see and perceive, making them able to hear and understand, so that they might turn and be forgiven of their sins. Grant our Latina brethren opportunity this morning to sow seeds into the heart of those who will be gathered at the park. Forbid Satan from snatching the word that will be sown. Bless all seeds to be firmly rooted, not allowing them to be choked out, make them fruitful. Let all the seeds fall on tilled hearts, hearing the word, accepting it, and producing a crop of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times what was sown. Praise you who is able to save men! Amen!  

September 16, 2010 11:43 PM
by DanJ

Friday AM Focus: Encouragement

September 16, 2010 11:43 PM by DanJ

When the uproar had ended, Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said good-by and set out for Macedonia. He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people, and finally arrived in Greece, where he stayed three months.  Acts 20:1-3

Your servant Paul spoke so many encouraging words to Your people O Lord.  We pray that we would be that type of follower of You.  Help us to be encouragers, speaking words that strengthen and lift up weary hands.  Help our focus to be in love and caring, working to assist and inspire those around us.  As  Paul did, let us encourage those in the Church and those who You send us to minister to.  Let the hearts of Christians in the Mid-Willamette Valley be drawn to encourage all those around them.  Please help us to see the importance of that in our ministries.  Thank you Lord.

September 16, 2010 4:22 PM
by Roger

Friday Prayer for Israel - 8:30 AM

September 16, 2010 4:22 PM by Roger

A new weekly scheduled prayer time begins Friday, 9/17 for an hour beginning at 8:30 AM.  This will be a time of intercession for Israel.  Come join us and bring a friend.

"Faithful Father of promises yet to be fulfilled, You said through Isaiah Your prophet that you would have compassion on Jacob, and again choose Israel, and settle them in their own land, and that strangers will join them and attach themselves to the house of Jacob . . ."  Isa. 14:1  We rejoice in the reality of the State of Israel, but its hard for us to see them as "settled".   We ask you to cause Israel to live in peace wtih his neighbors.  Vs. 3 speaks of it being a day when the Lord gives Israel "rest from (his) pain and turmoil . . ."  Vs. 4,. a day "... that (he) will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon. . ."  (Satan).  We ask you Father to do "Surely, just as (You) have intended - so it has happened, and just as (You) have planned - so it will stand . . ."   Vs. 24.    Even so, Lord Jesus, do it.

September 15, 2010 9:43 PM
by Roger

Thursday AM Focus: We will not be afraid!

September 15, 2010 9:43 PM by Roger

LORD, everywhere we turn we see grievous wrongs.  Sometimes, it seems overwhelming to us - until we remember Who calls us into His Presence.  Ps. 91:5 tells us, "You will not be afraid of the terror by night, Or of the arrow that flies by day; Of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon."  We acknowledge the wrongs.  We declare them to be what they are - wrongs!  Yet, we look to you as the Savior.  We trust you and believe that You are all good and all powerful.  Verse 14ff sums it all up, "Because (you) have loved Me, therefore I will deliver (you);  I will set (you) securely on high, because (you) have known My name.  (You) will call upon Me, and I will answer (you);  I will be with (you) in trouble;  I will rescue (you) , and honor (you).  With a long life I will satisfy (you), and let (you) behold My salvation."   Amen!  Make it so, Lord Jesus.  

September 15, 2010 9:21 PM
by DanJ


September 15, 2010 9:21 PM by DanJ

Lord help me to learn to encourage others around me especially those of the faith. Let me have a good countenance. Let the joy come from my heart and let it be sincere. Give me that type of faith dear Lord. Let my life reflect the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit. Let my hand be willing to hand out blessing after blessing from a well that will never run dry. Let these blessings comes from the depths of my spirit and my heart. Not just my finances. Thank you Lord that you reveal these things to us your children. Thank you that you love us so much to teach us and encourage us in doing good. You are such a good helper and teacher in our lives. We love you Lord.

September 15, 2010 12:27 PM
by Ivy

Thurs PM focus: Worship

September 15, 2010 12:27 PM by Ivy

We pray with joy in our hearts, worshiping you the Lord with gladness! We come with words of merriment acknowledging that you are the LORD who is God! You have made us and we are your Bride. We enter into your gates with a heart full of thanksgiving that you hear and respond to our cries to you! We approach your courts with praise for revealing yourself to us! We give thanks to you and bless your name, which is greater than any other name! For you are good and your unfailing love continues to each generation amen! In Christ we pray.

September 15, 2010 11:15 AM
by Rob

God Hears

September 15, 2010 11:15 AM by Rob

God, you faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds (Ps 65:5)!  I have heard all about you Lord and I am filled with awe by the amazing things that you have done (Hab 3:2)  In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us as you did in years past.  Show us your power to save us O Lord. 

September 10, 2010 6:25 PM
by Ivy

Saturday AM Focus: Unity

September 10, 2010 6:25 PM by Ivy

We exalt you who demonstrates your holy power before the eyes of all the nations! All praise to You who reveals your salvation to the ends of the earth!Place your hand upon your Bride in the Mid-Willamette valley, grant us unity of mind to carry out what your Spirit is the church.  We agree that your harmony is wonderful and pleasant; it is as precious as the fragrant anointing oil that was poured over Aaron's head, that ran down his beard and onto the border of his robe. Your unity is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon that falls on the mountains of Zion. Pronounce your blessing of unity amongst your Bride in this valley. You say that over all virtues to put on love which will bind us together in perfect unity; compel us to put on love above all and grant willingness to love our brethren. Glory, honor and praise to you the God of love and peace! Amen!

September 8, 2010 7:30 PM
by Roger

Rejoice! Again I say Rejoice!

September 8, 2010 7:30 PM by Roger

Father of Glory,  You have glorified Christ our Conquoring King and us in Him!  We praise You and make our boast in You.  As King Jehosaphat sent Your priests before his army to sing praises to You in the face of invading Ammonites and Moabites, You brought the victory and much plunder without his army even entering into the fray.  So, let us as Your royal priesthood be carefull to praise and thank you for Your greatness.  We stand strong in You, in Your Presence, in Christ's absolute victory, in our every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies in Him, in the strength of His might, and in this Grace which You have lavished upon us in Him.   Thank You Father dear.